S&P Factor 3 "Proseperous" Rating of Socialist Intervention Plus Oil Price Plung

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    In 2008, which was not an Obama Year(?), oil prices dropped a lot. Even John McCain and Sarah Palin would explain that the "Economy Is Strong!" Everything was, "Wunnaful, A'Wunnaful!"

    Now 2008 is about to repeat itself again(?)! S&P Factor 3 is noted as "Prosperous," after the stimulus, and Oil Price drops are in process of creating between $100.0 bil. and $300.0 bil., consumer stimulus spending relief.

    Oil Prices: The Stealth Stimulus - Real Time Economics - WSJ

    Unlike the era post-Bush opposition to Old and New Testament, prohibitions on usury from the poor--ARM's which the "Big Houses(?)" amd S&P were all for, and with glasses, big noses and moustaches--banks are no longer doing a slash and burn on the credit cards.

    Consumers have cut their credit card debt in amounts equal to an oil price drop effect. Soon it will be back to school year end shopping season once again.

    Spending is wonderful, and even the U. S. federal government will likely be back at it again: According to S&P! Europe will soon be saved, again, and still free of the J. . .well(?)l! Western Civilizations knows its religious plans.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Many squaws soon come to Lands of Many Nations, even in cheap, Jap(anese) cars!)

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