Romney "Charity" Exposes Deduction Scam ForThe 0%(?)!

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    "0%" is probably how the "1%" understand the concept of losers(?), aka, "Beneficiaries of little missy housewife's cookie jar expenditures." At the McCain family domiciles, anyone has to wonder just what they even put in all the cookie jars(?)! It is not about memory improvement, apparently. It seems to be about memory. . . .well. . . .loss.

    Forbes wants the Romney's able to claim an 8% of their $250.0 mil., that includes a donation to a George Bush Library--probably Walt Disney Comics and Stories for the masses! Maybe instead there are bombadier flight technology manuals, for the masses. . .again, instead(?)! No doubt the former presidential family has had occasion to ask, "Is this all you've got!"

    An Inside Look At The Millions Mitt Romney Has Given Away - Forbes

    So the Romney's give $1.0 mil. per year, to their foundation, which then doles out $650,000.00 per year(?). Who gets the missing $350,000.00, no one seems to ask? Anyone guesses that the 1% have expenses, when compared with the "0%" of the World.

    And so RNC will likely continue to oppose foreign aid, all stimulus spending, any aid to the schoos--that probably a good idea, if they are really all that smart(?)! RNC will continue to oppose federal funding of research, grants in aid to families, aid for the indigent, and indigent old and disabled. The 1% get to keep $350,000.00, for every $650,000.00 doled out to their "0%" beneficiaries.

    Anyone guesses that RNC is serious about its claim of fairness!

    Anyone notes that in the Romney household: That is probably at least a lot of Cocoa Puffs--likely even more than Senator McCain can remember! It is not reported at all: Just how much of the money may be going to anything resembling a McCain library(?)--maybe even a total eleven of them to boot?

    The Nixon's probably did need money for library! The arrest warrants alone would take up a least one entire wing. The Reagan's probably had no need of any money for a library(?). . .in comparison, not even!

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