Romney camp behind anti-Gingrich--Reagan stories-

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    Rush: Romney Camp Behind Anti-Gingrich Stories
    Friday, 27 Jan 2012 02:07 PM
    By Amy Woods

    Rush: Romney Camp Behind Anti-Gingrich Stories

    If any of you are Rush Limbaugh listener's--Limbaugh blasted Gingrich with this National Review article on Thursday of this week--stating that Elliott Abrams--was just impeccable in his journalism--but at the same time sure didn't remember any of these allegations coming at Newt Gingrich during this time period. Limbaugh acknowledged that Newt Gingrich was a warrior for Ronald Reagan--and of course Nancy Reagan and Micheal Reagan have endorsed Newt Gingrich--and they certainly wouldn't have done that--if he had ever spoken badly of Reagan.

    Well today--the very day after the Jacksonville debate--this National Review article was blasted on Limbaugh's show--Limbaugh was forced to retract it all from this article from the American Spectator--stating that the National Review via Elliot Abrams was spoon fed this false information by the Romney campaign. So I guess Elliot Abrams was either bought off to put this false article out--and or he is NOT as impeccable as Rush Limbaugh touted him to be the day before--:cuckoo: It would sure be nice if radio talk show hosts actually INVESTIGATE these stories before they babble them out to the public. I am certain that this story took Newt Gingrich down a few points in Florida--and it was nothing more than lies coming from the Romney campaign.

    These kind of tactics are splitting the conservative base in two. The anger from both camps is about to explode. And if it doesn't stop--it would not surprise me to see a 3rd party candidate in this race--insuring another 4 years of Barack Obama.

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