RNC Chair / Economic policies for long term finacial health

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    First of all thanks in advance to anyone who gives me a little help I appreciate it and am grateful.

    I am writing a presidential simulation paper. I need to write from the perspective of the RNC Chairmen.

    I need to know some information about the duties of the RNC chairmen. What they do on a day to day basis. What their specific job qualifications are. What are the most important aspects of their job relating to the President and specifically economic reform. What kind of considerations would they take into account given current political realities.

    I also need to explore and explain five specific economic policy recommendations that the RNC chairmen would make in order to establish long term economic health. My goal is to develop a comprehensive system of reform for the economic system to bring financial stability in the USA. Please take into account these 5 policy reccommendation should be coming from the RNC chairmen point of view.

    Thanks a lot I have a lot of info already myself but a lot of you know way more on the topics then myself. Thanks again

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