Republicans Prepare to Welcome an Unlikely Virginian to Their Convention Next Week

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    A Virginia woman will speak to Republicans at their national convention in St. Paul, Minnesota next week. It's unusual because Christy Swanson always considered herself a Democrat.

    Swanson's husband, Kip, is an Independent. The New Kent County couple brought a Filafry franchise about two years ago. Both of them are voting for Republican John McCain.


    Christy was planning to vote for Democrat Barack Obama, until she went to Washington in June for a summit of small business owners. Both Obama and McCain were invited. Only McCain showed up.

    Christy liked what she heard.

    Now she leads "Virginia Citizens for McCain," a coalition of Democrats and Independents.

    John McCain 2008 - John McCain for President

    I think this is a good thing. Democrats,Independants and Republicans working together. Not an easy thing to accomplish in today's polictially charged world.

    ETA: Here we also see how much the Middle Class really means to Obama. He didn't show up....figures.
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