Rejecting The Moses Atrocity In Our World--(It's Not The Foreigners, Stupid!)

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    So recently it is found that Jesus ben Joseph, son of Mary, called, (Oh Christ!): Even managed to screw up the famous Lord's Prayer. The Protestants had mainly tossed the whole thing out, and re-wrote (it). There is an Anglican Royal Family even now. The Holy Father has at least one lung, and likely knows a lot better(?).
    One previous had visited Her Majesty: Possibly to check-in on the boys(?)--possibly about to sue(?).

    One U. S. election was recently able to create dissent within the Republican Party about their tax plan--not doing too much for the working poor and lower middle class.

    Famously, Social Security is based on a Jewish Tax(?): Often called Regressive, rarely called retarded. If humans had invented farming and usury at about the same time--only 5000 years ago--that doesn't mean that they knew what they were doing. Code of Hammurabi would allow for slavery--a kind of indenture--for the father unable to pay off the bills. The wife and kids could be sold into slavery, all bills settled. . .or something. No enumeration appears. Wife and kids did get fed, clothed, and put to useful activity. Dad could re-start fresh.

    Moses created a kind of regressive tax: Prohibiting usury in Israel, but allow all of Israel to do it to the foreign. Moses had been raised a Prince of Egypt. It is not shown if he learned his Imperial, regressive, mentality of starvation and denigration from them. It did become Jewish, and so was credited as a deity-conspiracy.

    There was also a Senate election in Alabama. There is that level of standing in the Presidential esteem that regards anything USA to be a sin. Apparently a White Person won instead--it made all the papers and news coverage. So another Republican Senate did Conscientious Objection--different from the famous way of Senator McCain, (which had been behind the lines). Since the Moses Atrocity is applied in the U. S. as the Social Security Payroll Tax: Then Remedy Two needed to be increased. The Earned Income Credit, now refundable, gives some of it back to the very low income. Raising the Refundable Additional Child Tax Credit then happened instead.

    The hyper-rich appear to have noticed that they also a more spending lower middle class doing transactions: In order to better apply the Moses Atrocity.

    The Additional Refundable Child Tax Credit is applied as a method, more like in Matthew 20:1-16, than the Moses Atrocity is Matthew 25:14-30, not therein so described. . . .in so many words(?).

    Foreign is clearly not something at the Country Club.

    So far: World Peace is like that! (No Cubans!)

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (A real Country Club really does have balls. Senator Franken, even: Has really big hands, even shown in the more gifted photo-journalism, all over!)

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