Reducing the Female Population Given a Big Thumbs-Up by Democrats

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    “I’m astonished the leader of the free world would fail to protect the unborn from being aborted on the basis of sex.”—Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ)

    Recently Congress, along mostly partisan lines, voted to approve the genocide of unborn females—sort of a “get ‘em while they’re still in the womb” law. The United States has now officially joined China and India in encouraging the destruction of unborn females.

    The result of such genocide has left both China and India with populations that are lopsidedly skewed toward males. The US is now primed to follow their lead.

    Oddly enough, some of the biggest backers of female genocide are females, liberal females at least.

    Their self-defeating/self-hating attitudes are aligned with the core misogynistic policies of the radical left: population reduction (and the concomitant denigration of women’s natural role as mothers), polymorphous perversity (with its promotion of women as sex objects), and the adoration of Islam (with its attendant “honor killings,” rapes, disfigurements, and other means of keeping women “in their place”)—just to mention a few of the Left’s misogynistic policies.
    Reducing the Female Population Given a Big Thumbs-Up by Democrats

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