Pygmies Exterminated

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    More than 600,000 pygmies are believed to live in the DR Congo's huge forests, where they survive by hunting wild animals and gathering fruits.

    However, many Congolese regard them as "subhuman" with some believing their flesh can confer magical powers.

    "There have been systemic rapes and killings on a huge scale," the group's director, Mark Latimer, told the BBC's Network Africa.

    One witness they spoke to survived the late night massacre of an entire village. He said that everyone was shot and hacked to death and the huts were burnt.

    "This level of quite horrific violence which has been perpetrated against the pygmies is part, or was part, of a campaign aimed at exterminating them," he said.

    He identified the rebel group, the Movement for the Liberation of Congo, which is part of the transitional government and still controls much of the north, and their allies, as being behind much of the violence against the pygmies.

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