Put a bounty on the heads of radical islam.

Discussion in 'General Global Topics' started by Neubarth, Oct 4, 2009.

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    I have been posting this for years and the closest we have ever come to the old wild west "Wanted Dead or Alive" bounty offers is the deck of playing cards with Saddam Hussein and his minions on it. That helped identify who the bad guys were.

    We need to have done this when Khoumeni was in exile in Paris/Europe. Radical Islam needs to be snuffed out where ever it raises its satanic demonic insane head. In Afghanistan we are fighting a ground war with radical Islamic guerrillas. That is so non-productive. We need to pay a bounty ($2000 - $4000) to have these guerrillas captured or killed and turned over to us. That would be far more cost effective than setting up outposts so the guerrillas will attack us (and kill a few of our boys) so we can counterattack them. The generals over there are stupid and wasteful of American boy's lives.

    Time to put the posters up and start killing the satanic demon possessed Islamic nutcases. Already in the past 1400 years the Islamic militants have killed off ten million Jews in their country and in other parts of the globe. (like the bombings in Argentina.) Their goal is to kill all the Jews first and then the remaining Christians. We need to kill them before they kill us. Let's get 'er done.

    All of the leadership of Iran needs to be killed. Anybody who has preached a sermon advocating the advancement of Radical Islam by killing the non Islamic world needs to be killed. Their vocal followers in their satanic mosques need to be identified and snuffed. We are talking about a massive bloodletting of about 200 million, but it needs to be done. Then, in the future, if Islam is a religion of peace (as they claim but history disproves), any radical Islamic who is home grown can be identified and snuffed as soon as it becomes obvious that he is demon possessed.

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