Purgatory: Levels of America (Wal-Mart)

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    Does capitalism inspire you to think about exorcism (and heresy)?

    This 'spiritualism-debris' yarn was inspired by My Fellow Americans, The Founder, Capitalism: A Love Story, and of course, Ruthless People.



    "Americans were hypnotized by fast-food and commerce, and the popularity of brands such as Church's Chicken, Popeye's, Chick-fil-A, and Roy Rogers revealed a capitalist investment in zesty hospitality mixed with quick gratification. It was the Era of Wal-Mart, which was an evolution away from the Era of Detroit, when Americans cared more about cars like Chevrolet, Chrysler, and Ford than Pizza Hut and Amazon.com. Wal-Mart advocates worried, however, that all this 'convenience consumerism' would create morality questions regarding the downward-spiral of prophetic 'gluttony'."


    "Apollyon, the master of the bottomless pit, described in the Christian Bible's Book of Revelation as ascending to exhibit great authority and creativity during the End of Days, was present to witness all this 'Wal-Mart jolliness.' Apollyon took the form of an American poet named Raven who was focused on hyping exorcism in this time of great commerce and lifestyle-consumerism frills/frivolity. You see, Apollyon was well aware that the 'seeming trivialities' of a Wal-Mart fried-chicken civilization just might open up an endless Hell-Hole or purgatory leading to 'levels' of cardinal humiliating 'intellectualism' such as 'primitive drool-Golems'."


    "Apollyon made a series of prescriptions and visions, which included the following:

    1. a Romanian Internet mail-order bride is brutally raped by racist Americans despising immigrants
    2. an airline stewardess is involved in a nefarious international drug-traffic leading to the White House
    3. an Apple Computer employee is falsely-accused of espionage catering to the terrorist group ISIS
    4. a Los Angeles crime-syndicate known as 'Black Mask' is involved in poisoning the water-reservoir with dangerous hallucinogens

    These visions Apollyon outlined basically formulated an apocalyptic nightmare regarding the basic 'mishandling' of commercial/consumerism treasures like frozen TV dinners, fast-food drive-thru service, online grocery-shopping, and discount travel coupons for frequent-flyers. Apollyon understood well that when consumerism-convenience 'culture' was taken for granted, a bottomless pit of 'belly-troubles' leading to the waves of Hell (of course) would scar the 'bandana' of humanity itself. Apollyon even made an allegorical painting of angels and demons in anguish over this metaphysical 'complexity' regarding the 'passion' of mob psychology gears. This was potentially a 'Great Tribulation'."


    APOLLYON: This is a scenario of incredible humiliation.
    GOD: I wouldn't think Burger King would create hysteria...
    APOLLYON: Well, when the world becomes a 'supermarket,' things get 'juvenile.'
    GOD: Why is that do you think?
    APOLLYON: It seems that convenience can open up vanities regarding drool.
    GOD: So you're suggesting that spirits 'drool' over cheeseburgers?
    APOLLYON: I'm suggesting that Wal-Mart America is a potential iron!
    GOD: Well, what do you think my archangel Michael should do about this?
    APOLLYON: Michael will make war with the Dragon (Satan).
    GOD: What about the AntiChist?
    APOLLYON: Most likely, the AntiChrist will be a 'prophet' of hubris.
    GOD: What then is your role/mission, Apollyon?
    APOLLYON: My 'job' is to ensure complete blanketing of human folly.
    GOD: How do you 'shield' the flesh from everyday follies like burger-lust?
    APOLLYON: It's ironically straightforward --- you remind society of expediency!
    GOD: I see; so there are dangerous shortcuts to happiness but also shortcuts to practicality.
    APOLLYON: Cheeseburgers make drool; perhaps Wal-Mart creates 'energy.'
    GOD: In other words, since commerce is 'speedy,' it can create forms of fitness!
    APOLLYON: Exactly; reminders of 'traffic-fitness' serve as antidotes to apathy.
    GOD: What then should we think of the hellishness of lust itself?
    APOLLYON: Lust can therefore be construed as a 'manifestation' of childishness.
    GOD: How then are you planning to 'remind' people of maturity?
    APOLLYON: My job/mission is to foster thoughts about economics.
    GOD: That's excellent; you'll use capitalism-theory to inspire Americans about services.
    APOLLYON: May Wal-Mart (and Citizens Bank) shine!



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