Prophet Joseph and Potiphar's wife (watch)

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    Prophet Joseph, sold into slavery by his brothers, is taken to Egypt where he is sold to Potiphar as a household slave. Potiphar makes Joseph the head of his household, but Potiphar's wife, furious at Joseph for resisting her attempts to seduce him into sleeping with her, accuses him falsely of attempting to rape her. Potiphar casts Joseph into prison, where he comes to the notice of Pharaoh through his ability to interpret the dreams of other prisoners.

    Potiphar's wife is not named in either the Yahwist or Elohist stories. The mediaeval Sefer HaYashar, a commentary on the Torah, gives it as Zuleikha

    Potiphar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    the two episodes below show Prophet Joseph and Potiphar's wife's attempt to commit adultery with him but he rejects her


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