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    It seems like there is an awful lot of projection in politics nowadays. I mean, take for example 'racism'. The Democrats, who have ties to the KKK goin' 'way back' to 'the day' and who promote racially- and sexually-motivated policies (affirmative action, magnet schools, what color should the woman be who Obama nominates for SCOTUS) play the 'racist' card constantly while oft fitting the bill perfectly- most recently with miss Sotomayor. meanwhile, on theother 'side' we have the 'gay marriage' issue. Look at those who most r5ail against it- not only on this forum (PI, who recently told on himself for having homosexual urges, Bass 52, etc), but even in American politics- many (mostly GOP) politicians who rail against 'the gay agenda' end up with 'questionable' relations with other males. Then, of course, we have Rush with his rants about drug users ansd how they should all go to jail and not be shown mercy- only to later be found out to have been abusing his medications for quite some time.

    Has anyone else noticed this? If so, why do you think it's so rampant?

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