Private Contractors In Iraq..Profits..:)

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    This was an interesting article..

    I find it interesting..because there is more to the just so called un-accounted shootings when it comes to the "Private Contractor" over there in Iraq.

    Them attracting attention to themselves...should make one look closer to what,who...most of all who's interest they are serving..let alone what the so called "Private Contractor" pockets each day...His wages a moron could guess....

    I'm glad somebody had the guts to point this out..and the true message behind this article shows big time profit..for those who invest like this country has..(our government)....The sad thing's a private sector..who is matching our man power over there..and is gona profit..FROM OUR MAN POWER..That's the only way these so called "private contractors" could profit.

    Give me a break....He's making some bucks...That we all know!!...Is this new information to anybody?

    The news we have a small private contracted army over there...who is obviosuly finding extreme go the whole nine yards in this mess..It has nothing to do with our government..or our Armed Forces over there....Our only job is making there job posible.

    I can just imagine the tax breaks these brave heros.."private contractors" are gona get...while we pay the bill...That's nothing to who who employs them.

    Lots of private things happening...and lots of people with private agendas..who don't seem to answer for a heck of alot....The good news..and the only good news is somebody is profiting from this...I assure you it's not news that these people would like to share with the American people..

    This news article sheds light..on the things if ya take the time..can read so easily between the lines.

    I hate to be hard on Mike here...but Mike here is fighting to make the "private contractor dream" possible..Here is a quote from the article...

    "Most military guys resent them," said former Marine Lt. Col. Mike Zacchea, who spent two years in Iraq training and building the Iraqi army. "There's an attitude that if these guys really wanted to do the right thing, they would have stayed in the military."

    End Quote..

    Do the right thing Mike?..What's was right from the beginning of this dam Iraq war/blunder/occupation?..The right thing is a brainwashed trying to fix the mess Bush got us the beginning??

    There is a reason why we are was never right from the beginning(reason)

    If this guy so much as boasts he trained & helped build the Iraqi Army for 2 years....then casts his opinion on the current situation...One is sure to know.....Well..I'll rest my case.....Who's he complaining to?..the Media?.....The American People?.....Democracy

    I'd explain to Lieutenant Colonel Zacchea..that the Iraqi people probably have the first dibs on that call..I'm sure they have alot more to say than this news article,myself..and many others who could contribute some solid.."wake up kinda news' to him.

    These companies who hire these private contractors..have contracts with our government...

    There is no better way to say it..but we gave these big companies,big business..whoever they are..the James Bond License...License to kill..and accomplish...

    To say after these many years...somebody is not geting rich out this is foolish.

    I am sad..because Lieutenant Colonel Zacchea made a remark..a statement claiming the Ex-Vets..Ex-Military working as private contractors...That if they wanted to do the right thing..they'd be in the military to make it possible.

    It was also a carefully worded statement..(my opinion)..The article never went beyond "the private contractors" with automatics etc..etc...

    I think the Colonel should take it up with there employers...Take it a step further...

    He'd probably put 2 + 2 together..and realize that government & big business go together,after he got a polished boot up his ass.

    He'd probably also realize that not every big schmuck in this Iraq War in not going belly under...

    I hope he wakes up with those thoughts...and many others on his so "called beliefs in what's right"..Am I right?

    The Colonel is facing--->

    Quote From Article..

    There are now nearly as many private contractors in Iraq as there are U.S. soldiers — and a large percentage of them are private security guards equipped with automatic weapons, body armor, helicopters and bullet-proof trucks.

    End Quote...

    Somebody should slap this guy on the helmet....Tell him to worry about the terrorist aspects...and let the business run itself there.

    Soldiering..Politics.."Private Contactors"......Not to mention...doing the so called right thing?

    I also want to add....That a woman has all my upmost respect for serving...I come from a family..that ya can't touch me as far as our military sacrafices are concerned.

    I just hope the Colonel knows...that the American People..those Serving...those that have paid the price ..Also say.."what they feel" about this Iraq War...

    As far as doing what's right...goes beyond the Lieutenant Colonel Zacchea finger pointing.

    I find big business & our reason for being there linked....The Colonel should say look at the bright side?...Half the troops needed...Most assured there is a profit slithering out from under some rock..since this mess started.

    Our young want nothing to do with this...and our Vets spit on this Iraq War....

    Who the "F" is profiting..while us American Tax Payers pay for all this crap??..I do agree there is resentment from the troops....for those "private contractors"..and for this dam Iraq Blunder from all walks of American Life.

    Where do all of you draw the a Vet thinks..or one Serving he speaks for all?...It don't work that way people...We speak for them as well...We send them over there....For the good..or worse.

    We're a nation......We're suppose to protect them..Our voice means as just as much to there battle cry to us.

    It's a soldiers say the positive.

    I think it's time Tony Snow starts speaking for those giving the orders...and stop using our Armed Forces as Spokesmen to the American People.

    If the so called private army protecting big business causing a stir...Somebody should call Bush..or some top brass...That's my two bits...(smile)

    It sure would be look at the profit reports to all those...who hire.."private security"....:)

    I'd bet both my right & left nut...that the profit outa this war for some...will be greater than what we American Tax Payers paid for it.

    I'll end this...that if Lieutenant Colonel Zacchea is so worried about what's right,or wrong..or money for that matter corrupting ex-military to seek a way for a few more bucks......That he should retire if possible..go push a broom,or flip burgers for that matter.

    That aint gona happen..because those that don't care about being right/staying the course..need his help....A Colonel barking up the wrong tree..

    War & Politics is something this guy is gona have to figure out....If he believes what he's doing is right..this article should be about a pay hike....Not about people who make a 1000.00 a day..(Yea..that would cause resentment)..and people who do not seem to have to answer to nobody...What soldier wouldn't be pissed??...(smile)

    I also believe..a good portion of the so called "private contractors" are experienced in what they do..per say..:)

    In reality ya can't have a bunch of 18-23 year olds ...accomplishing what the security does for the big business there..I'm sorry..but that's reality.

    Can hold onto a base..a military installation per say..even hold ground in an invasion...Now they are just police..You know that..and so do I.

    I'll end this...claiming it's profit for who I don't know..

    I do believe...that the number of private contractors there involved in security..are of our government's doing....It would take twice the amount of those serving protect the big business in our interests.

    It's so obvious some are profiting...while the American People pay the bill...stamped with the war on terrorism.

    The Colonel also has to realize...That those who have been drafted,enlisted..or those who have taken on the cause return home someday.

    I hope they remember your very own words...

    "There's an attitude that if these guys really wanted to do the right thing, they would have stayed in the military."

    I'm sure they are doing the right thing..that fits into there life...Not yours Colonel...I hold there shoulder,buy the beer..make them dinner.

    Our Government gave them the go ahead?...Our we missing something here?...Hello??

    The resentment from the troops.."Our Troops" more that of this is Bullshit.

    I have not used examples of Ross Perot..or Oscar Schindler to describe this mess...because that's how "F" uped all this is...Am I right?

    Private Contractors?....Hahahahaha...This whole dam mess is about contracting private...I hope it's not the last of news..related to the corruption of this war...

    I'm glad America is at a 50% IQ level now...unlike our government using military personal to dictate the news to us.

    We still might have a chance...
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    The mercenary problem is a huge one on many levels. Firstly, its a real breeding ground for terrorism. The private companies dont have ANY LAWS to abide by. They dont come under US military code of conduct or law, they arent in america and dont have to abide by our laws and the Iraqi govt is a joke and would have zero chance at enforcing any laws against a foreign contractor. But furthermore, we have written into the new Iraqi laws that foreign contractors CANNOT be sued or prosecuted. This leaves them with no actual laws to follow or anyone overseeing them.

    The govt gets denial plausibility if their crimes come to light, everyone will get to say they "didnt approve" and it was a "bad apple".

    We are paying them MUCH MUCH more money than the soldiers, the money comes from the same place so how come the soliders get paid so much less? My ex brother in law (sisters ex-husband and father of her children) left the army 5 years before he was to retire to go work for Blackwater. He is getting paid an obscene amount of money and has been in Afghanistan the last few years.

    The military does complain because there isnt good cooridination between military and private contractors so this actually endangers military operations as well as lives.,,2138917,00.html

    That link takes you to PBS frontline and they have a 4 part video series on this you can watch. They dont dig into the darkest layers but they do show many aspects of the problems.

    The problem with making war so "profitable" is that it creates an environment that encourages war and will find the same corporations who own the newspapers shaping public opinion about war and even about the abuses that are uncovered.

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