President Carter:One Cherokee One Vote, voter ID required just like SAfrica

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    All this bullshit about not being able to deal with Voter ID in America is nauseating. I'm sure that everyone knows that Jimmy Carter's foundation monitors elections world wide.

    Read this a weep liberals who say "it just can't be done".

    One Cherokee, One Vote … With Valid ID, Just like Post-Apartheid South Africa Requires

    The Carter Center, perhaps the most prestigious of the international election monitoring groups, founded by former President Jimmy Carter and former First Lady Rosalynn Carter, with 91 election monitoring experiences in 36 countries, which provides independent expert inspections of the integrity of voter registration and voting protocols around the world, recommended in 1999 that Cherokee voters provide Photo Identification to enhance trust in “the elections process of the Cherokee Nation.”

    Are you grasping this liberals? The Carter Center.

    This is regarding the Cherokee Nation. This is what was recommended.

    The voter simply appears with the blue tribal registration card and a picture ID, casts a ballot and is logged into the system…. Key to this system is a method of ensuring the voter does not vote in several precincts …

    … Converting the blue card into a permanent ID card would facilitate either of the above options.”

    Holy shit! Looky looky looky voter ID for the Cherokee Nation.

    Wow. Even South Africa can pull this off. I don't think they have a Republican party....

    SOUTH AFRICA Electoral Act, 73 of 1998 SECTION 38
    “Voting procedure(1) A voter may only vote once in an election, and may vote only at the voting station in the voting district for which that voter is registered. (2) A voter is entitled to vote at a voting station —

    (a) on production of that voter’s identity document to the presiding officer or a voting officer at the voting station; and (b) if that voter’s name is in the certified segment of the voters’ roll for the voting district concerned

    (3) When a voter produces an identity document to a presiding officer or voting officer as required by subsection (2) (a), the presiding officer or voting officer must examine the identity document and determine whether –
    Electoral Act 73 of 1998 (ss 36-38) 29
    (a) the voter is the person described in that identity document; (b) the voter’s name is in the certified segment of the voters’ roll for the voting district concerned; and (c) that voter has not already voted in the election.
    (4) For the purposes of subsection (3) (a), the presiding officer or voting officer may require that the voter’s fingerprints be taken. (5) If the presiding officer or voting officer is satisfied in respect of all the matters mentioned in subsection (3), that officer must— (a) record that the voter is regarded to have voted in the election; (aA) mark the voter’s identity document in the prescribed manner; [Para. (aA) inserted by s. 11 of Act 34 of 2003.]
    (b) mark the hand of the voter in the prescribed manner;”


    Libs are full of the grand caca on this issue. The link provides direct links to the Carter Center and another write up on the Dominican Republic.

    Hey, if this is the way it's done world wide under Carter's monitoring system why the hell can't it be done in the USA?
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