Predictions for 2005

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by KarlMarx, Jan 2, 2005.

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    May 9, 2004
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    My predictions for 2005.... feel free to add yours!

    1. Politics
    a. The Senate changes its infamous rule of requiring a 60 vote majority to accomplish a cloture vote to one that requires a simple majority
    b. Bush re-nominates many past justices that were blocked by past Senate filibusters
    c. The debate over privatizing Social Security starts. The Democrats mobilize their constituencies through a campaign of fear and panic.
    d. Hillary Clinton starts laying the groundwork for her presidential campaign
    e. Bush nominates the first of several Supreme Court justices
    f. A court case that will ultimately bring about a reversal of Roe vs. Wade comes before the Supreme Court
    g. The price of a first class stamp tops 50 cents. This starts a push to privatize the Postal Service.

    2. World
    a. Iran detonates its first atom bomb
    b. Scandals at the UN widen. Kofi Annan is forced to resign. President Bush is urged by top political leaders to consider withdrawing its support and membership from the UN
    c. The United States, Britain and several other countries begin a freedom coalition to compete with the United Nations and NATO
    d. The trial of Saddam Hussein starts. Evidence of the true magnitude of the atrocities committed by his regime is made public.
    e. Palestinians hold their elections, although terrorism continues to be a problem in the region
    f. Iraqis hold their elections despite “insurgents” efforts to stop them
    g. Tsunami disaster tops one half million deaths, making it the 2nd worst natural disaster in history (the first being the 1931 flood of the Yangtse River in China)
    h. Relations between the Ukraine and Russia continue to worsen as do relations between the US and Russia
    i. The European Union is attacked by terrorists again. Reacting to this, the EU curtails certain civil liberties, especially on Moslems.

    3. Economy
    a. The economy continues to grow, but is dampened by the rise in oil prices
    b. The dollar continues to weaken but stabilizes in the latter half of the year.
    c. China bows to international pressure and decides to float its currency, the yuan
    d. Gas prices top out and stabilize at $2.50 a gallon

    4. Technology
    a. The last VCR is manufactured and sold
    b. Flat panel TVs become cheaper, 50+ inch displays fall below $1500
    c. Broadband internet becomes more prevalent in the United States after telecommunications laws are rewritten to encourage free market competition
    d. Wireless PCs continue their market domination. A new wireless standard with increased bandwidth and range is introduced by computer manufacturers.
    e. Organized crime and terrorist organizations launch several viruses. Several organized crime figures are arrested on conspiracy to extort corporations with viruses and other cyber attacks
    f. The number of companies that manufacture PCs decreases as some companies decide to merge, or get out of the PC marketplace entirely. Dell and HP will continue their battle for #1 PC manufacturer.
    g. Electronic currency is invented, which will ultimately make paper currency obsolete. Major banks announce a ten year plan to phase out paper checks completely
    h. Downloadable music continues increasing popularity. Within a few years, downloadable music forces the music industry to consider phasing out CDs entirely.
    i. USMB’s membership tops 10,000
    j. The war between Windows and Linux comes to a head. Linux and Open Office become standard alternative offerings on new PCs
    k. Microsoft delays the launching of its new OS, code named “Long Horn” by a year in order to address major security concerns with the platform.

    5. Celebrities
    a. Michael Jackson is convicted of child molestation and declares bankruptcy
    b. Michael Moore comes out with yet another schlock-u-mentary
    c. Brittany Spears and/or Jennifer Lopez file for divorce
    d. Martha Stewart is released from prison and makes a come back
    e. USMB members are asked to guest host on the Rush Limbaugh show :)
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    Oct 26, 2004
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    d. Hillary Clinton starts laying the groundwork for her presidential campaign

    I was really hoping 2005 would be a good year and now this prediction. :splat:
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    Madison, WI
    Google becomes self-aware and begins its war against mankind.

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