Preacher's Horse

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    Okay, so there was a cowboy that need a new horse but was short on funds. One of his friends suggested "Hey I hear the Preacher is selling his horse!"

    So the Cowboy went down the Preacher house to have a look at the horse the Preacher showed him a fine horse. The Cowboy check he's teeth, his hoofs, everything he could think of and it was a fine horse. He asked the Preacher "How much?"


    "$100, that's a steal, why so cheap?"

    "Well, to get it to go you have to say 'Good Lord' and to get it to stop, you have to say 'Amen'!"

    Well, that's easy. He paid the Preacher the $100 and took home his new horse. The next day he gets up and saddles the horse and gets on top and digs his heals in and says "Giddy up", but the horse won't move. "Come on boy", still the horse didn't budge, didn't matter how many times he kicked the horse with his spurs either, the horse wouldn't move. Finally the cowboy remember what the preacher had said and said "Good Lord".

    Those horse took off like a shot out of a cannon, the cowboy could barely stay on. he started pulling back on the reigns to get him to slow down. He said "Whoa, Stop, Ho" Whatever he could think of but the horse was still running just as fast as it could. The cowboy saw they were coming up on a cliff and knew he had to stop that horse fast, finally he remembered and shouted "Amen!"

    The horse stopped instantly, about 2 inches from the edge of the cliff. The cowboy looked down over that 2,000 foot cliff and said "Good Lord!"

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