Praying to the Wrong Jesus

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    Statue of 'narco saint' tips off cops who find 50 kilos of cocaine in car

    September 15, 2010
    BY FRANK MAIN Staff Reporter

    Efrain Rodriguez-Juarez (left) and Jose Ramirez-Rodriguez were arrested for having 50 kilograms of cocaine in the trunk of their car, police said.

    "Clearly the narco saint doesn't protect everyone," said Liane Jackson, a spokeswoman for Sheriff Tom Dart.

    About 8 p.m. Saturday, the gang officers stopped to check why the Camry was parked the wrong way on the road leading to the sheriff's office and the Cook County courthouse in Maywood.

    The driver, Jose Ramirez-Rodriguez, didn't have a license. He and his passenger, Efrain Rodriguez-Juarez, looked nervous. And there was a statue of Jesus Malverde sitting on the console of the car, Jackson said.

    The officers found 50 kilograms of cocaine -- with a street value of $19.3 million -- in the trunk of the car, Jackson said Tuesday. The men are suspected of working for a Mexican drug cartel and allegedly were coming from a nearby ware- house where they put the drugs in the trunk, she said.

    Jesus Malverde, a handsome, mustachioed bandit, was hanged in 1909 in Sinaloa, Mexico, legend has it. He became a Robin Hood of sorts and the patron saint for Mexican criminals.

    Leaders of the murderous Mexican drug cartels reportedly pray to Malverde regularly. Cops and federal agents say they see the statues in homes of drug dealers here.

    "It definitely raises a flag," one Chicago Police officer said. "It tells you the guy might be prone to the kind of violence you see every day in Mexico."
    Ramirez-Rodriguez, 23, of Wheaton, and Rodriguez-Juarez, 32, of Carol Stream, were ordered held in lieu of $1 million bail on drug charges.

    Statue of 'narco saint' tips off cops in cocaine bust :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Chicago Crime


    Ah, yes! The church of Mexico and all the new practices it brings with it. Like praying to Aztec corn gods, prayers to Sante Muerte (Saint Death), etc. All the wonderful diversity that Mexicans have brought to the United States. Coming soon to a church near you.:eusa_pray:

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