Political Overview That Explains Present Mess

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    There are some Political Analysts that I agree with almost 99-100%.

    As I stated many times before, I am not a Conservative.

    As a matter of fact, there are many that might not think that I am a Republican ....... although I have been voting Republican after Clinton's first term.

    I was a Dem because I was a flaming Liberal who was probably leftier than the leftest Liberal on this Board.

    Presently, I am a vehement Anti-Liberal.

    Since Slick Willy's first term I realized the stupendous error of my ways and now, even though I am not a Conservative, maybe not even a Republican, I vote Republican because to vote for a Hanoi Kerry, or a MONUMENTAL MARXIST, RACIST, PROTECTOR OF MUSLIMS & ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS FRAUD, OBUMMER is tantamount to being a TRAITOR to The United States Of America......if one is/was knowledgeable of Hanoi Kerry's Contemptibly Mendacious manipulation of his Political Opportunism, and/or the semi-black Political Charlatan's Agenda.

    Anyways, Derek Hunter happens to be one of the Political Analysts (maybe not on the same recognition or ability level of Charles Krauthammer, Ann Coulter, Stanford Univ Prof Thomas Sowell, Michelle Malkin, Larry Elder, etc)..........but, with whom, up to now .....I agree 100%.

    Here is his link where Derek Hunter analyzes several issues:

    Aimless Ames, A Lot of Numbers and a Tiger - Page 1 - Derek Hunter - Townhall Conservative
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