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    An Old priest lies in a Roman Catholic Hospice in DC where he has worked his whole life at a poor inner city Church.

    As he enters his final days he asks the nun in attenddance if It might be possible to get Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi to come and see him before he dies.

    She says she has no Idea but she'll give it a shot.

    Well it is a slow week and Harry and Nancy figure they could use some good publicity right about now and besides they are more than a bit curious about why the old man wants to see them as lies on his death bed. So they truck on down.

    As they enter the room the nun directs one to his right hand side and the other to his left. The old priest then grasp each of them by the hand. And Harry asks the sixty-four dollar question, why?

    And the Priest responds:

    All my life I've tried to emulate my savior and lord as best I can and like most human beings who have engaged in that endeavor I have failed more often than not.

    But now as I am about to die I have one last chance and I thank you greatly for your participation. You see my savior died between two lying thieves and now so shall I.
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