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    So Jake Plummer is taking some heat, and getting some praise from people for his comments directed at Tim Tebow which essentially were 'We know you love Christ, enough please'.

    Jake Plummer Wishes Tim Tebow Would 'Shut Up,' 'Go Hug His Teammates' Instead of Publicizing Religion - NFL -

    Today Tebow responded: Tim Tebow responds to Jake Plummer's comments on his faith

    Freaking religious arguments...of course opinions on this are flying and lots of people are getting butt-hurt, so that's fun to watch...not to mention the flagrantly selective usage of our right to freedom of speech which apparently to some people in the context of this issue only applies to one party or another.

    I have to imagine at least a few of the supporters of Tebow's on field sermons would be a little apprehensive about defending....say Rashard Mendenhall if he had the propensity to throw a '9/11 was an inside job' out at any chance he had, even though that's just what he believes. C'mon you know it's true.

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