Please remove “Bismillah from your bank logo”

Discussion in 'Economy' started by sharif, Apr 5, 2011.

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    Please remove “Bismillah from your bank logo”
    I want to convey message all CEO or Managing Director of all private banks working in Pakistan those bank put logo and printing material / advertisement of their bank and add “BISMILLAH” than immediate basis please remove.

    When a person destroy or thrown any advertisers material/check than no respect for this holy words. What a purpose to add “bismillah” in your bank logo and all printing plus advertising material to proof that you are Muslim and do not take or give INTEREST but profit.

    When place any advertisement in newspaper to promote your products than do not add “Bismillah” in your logo so those who are un-aware of what written in above of your logo or educated do care or respect this religious thing.

    I also request to STATE BANK OF PAKISTAN to realized its duty and request all banks those put “Bismillah” in their bank’s logo for God shake remove it from check book, when place advertisment etc. If a person thrown a cheque in which “bismillah” is written it means he does not respect or un-educated person.

    ( Ashfaq Sharif )

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