Planking Is Racist

Discussion in 'Race Relations/Racism' started by Tank, Jul 10, 2011.

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    This link reminds me of some things I did get from people studying Freed Slave history:

    I was taught that slaves were crowded onto slave ships, standing in their own feces.
    And many jumped overboard to their deaths in the ocean, rather than live as a slave.

    When people start making remarks such as
    1. "African tribes already enslaved each other before Europeans bought them as slaves"
    2. "Other ethnicities such as Irish and Italian were blamed for crime and mistreated as noncitizens"

    I point out
    1. so is it okay to kidnap victims a second time if they were already kidnapped by someone else?
    Is it okay to rape victims, just because they were raped before, and blame the other people instead?

    2. these other groups such as Irish and Italian weren't kept as animals to breed more slave workers!
    Certain African women were labeled breeders and forced to have sex/children with the strongest males,
    similar to breeding horses or cattle. Can you name other ethnic groups sold and bred like cattle?

    Maybe the trafficking of women for sex slaves or for drug mules is similar?

    The Native Americans suffered genocide, and even the ones put in schools, such as in Canada, were forced to be sterilized to kill off their tribes. That might be similar in the intense trauma and pain that has been carried spiritually into future generations, long after you'd think the damage is gone.

    But this level of genocide, of wiping out people's identities and family history, was not done to any European immigrants the same way, no matter how scummy they were treated or how many died from lynching or what names they were called.

    Maybe the rape of Scottish women by the British might be close (in European history).
    In America, maybe raping lesbians to try to punish them or make them straight might be similar.

    Makes me sick and sad, and grieve for the world, for all of humanity as a whole.

    If people really understand the extent of spiritual pain carried in the consciousness,

    I think everyone should have more sympathy and compassion for anyone, and nobody would
    try to compare whose pain or sacrifice was greater, who has the greater right to complain. When it gets that horrible, after a certain point, the pain goes beyond comprehension anyway, so does it really matter whose pain is worse when it is already off the scale?

    The scars are still there, and it takes generations to heal.

    I don't think you can really judge or compare where people are in that healing process,
    just try to facilitate the healing to move forward as smoothly and as painlessly as possible.

    Everyone I know carries part of this knowledge, and some feel it more than others.
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    No way in hell is Tank smart enough to read past the first sentence, much less understand it.

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