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    To: SA Truth

    This petition are to find out what the rest of the World / South Africans think about this person, "Lets Pretorius" as he just do what he likes and nobody can touch him.

    Lets Pretorius are out on R500 000 bail at the moment pending a Court Case including the following -
    “Dr Lets Pretorius, brothers Johan and Wilhelm and 17 other Boeremag accused are on trial on 42 charges ranging from high treason to terrorism, attempted murder and murder.”

    Attach an article full of questions about Mr. Lets Pretorius by Mr. Jan Lamprecht.
    These are questions Mr. Lets Pretorius refuses to answer.....

    From the News Archives of:AfricanCrisis
    Date & Time Posted: 2/23/2007
    Uhuru Hoax: Is the ANC Gun pointing at Dr Lets Pretorius's head?

    [Some very disquieting info about Dr Lets Pretorius has come to light from my Military/Intelligence contacts in the former SADF. This confirms certain things I too have noticed which bothered me quietly, and a stunning new picture emerges.

    I have never said anything negative about Dr Lets Pretorius in the past. In fact, I helped to give him positive publicity when I could and I even went under my own steam and spent a morning photographing the Boer Women's rally in Pretoria - the photos of which I put on the internet.

    Dr Pretorius is very forward and even met with the ANC the other day, handing them a petition "from the Boers" - there at the Union Buildings in Pretoria. I have the photos but just have not got around to posting them.

    Dr Pretorius was involved in Boeremag bombings but he is not in jail - though others are. (They recently recaptured the two who escaped).

    There is a serious concern arising among the former Military/Intelligence Officers of the SADF (Army under the Apartheid Govt). They are very concerned by the fact that: Dr Pretorius is out on bail, yet:-
    1. He is starting Political Parties.
    2. He is holding Political Rallies.
    3. He is inciting people to go against the ANC.
    4. The other men who were with him in the Boeremag have shunned him and no longer associate themselves with him.

    These former SADF Officers are convinced that Dr Pretorius is now having his strings pulled by the ANC itself.

    Let me expand on this line of thinking suggested by them:-

    Could it be that Dr Lets Pretorius is heading for a very lengthy jail sentence - perhaps life? And in his case, because he is white, it would not be "life in ANC years" (i.e. 10-15 years), it would be the real thing - something like Kevin Woods did in Chikurubi prison in Harare, Zimbabwe... where they lock him up and forget him in a rat hole and never let him out under any circumstances.

    Could it be that the ANC/NIA scum came to Dr Let's Pretorius and offered him a secret deal: "We won't put you in jail for now... and you can help to drastically bring down your jail sentence... if you will do some work for us."


    Having done his good work for the ANC, the ANC will then have the ammo they have been craving for for a long to so they can rant and rave and tell the whole world about the "racist whites" who tried to rise up but they put them in their place AND there will be new more oppressive rules for these "racist whites" who just never change their ways... and the whole world will applaud... and the Afrikaners will look like TOTAL SCUMin the eyes of the world again.

    Could that be?

    Sounds wild huh?

    But there are some crucial facts we need to consider before dismissing this possibility.

    Let's take Eugene Terblanche who ran the AWB and who at one time had about 80,000 men in uniform in his own private army. Now Eugene is the man who walked the Boeremag which parallels this one.

    In Rhodesia, there was a black leader by the name of Sithole who was chucked in jail by Ian Smith. In about 1976, the Rhodesian Government mysteriously let Sithole out. They left him to go into the townships to hold political rallies and to find black recruits for the war against Rhodesia. He was openly looking for recruits and the Rhodesian Govt did nothing about it. He gave his black recruits uniforms.

    Then one day, he and his secretary came out of a hotel and two white men came and grabbed them and threw them into a car which drove off and nobody saw/heard from them again.

    Later, the full story was revealed after the war:-
    Sithole struck a deal with the Rhodesian Govt and they used him as a front. All the blacks he recruited were given poisoned uniforms which killed them on their long walk to Zambia where they would be trained. Sithole's actions were responsible for the death of THOUSANDS of blacks who would have fought the Rhodesian army. Nobody knows the exact number.

    Rhodesia later had to kill him because he knew too much about this secret operation. They obviously did not want him to tell the blacks exactly what had gone on.

    Is Dr Lets Pretorius, the "Afrikaner's Sithole?"

    It does beg an interesting question... will the ANC later have to kill him??

    These are things worth thinking about in this political minefield and this secret war which the ANC is currently waging against us.

    I think the ANC is worried by the growing white Afrikaner unity. I think it is making them crazy, and the tremendous popularity of the De La Rey song... is sending the ANC over the edge. They are breaking out in a big sweat over the NIGHTMARE OF RISING WHITE/AFRIKANER UNITY AND INCREASING WHITE/AFRIKANER CONSENSUS. I think they are looking for a fake Afrikaner uprising that they can exploit and use in the Mass Media across the world. And if Afrikaners do not take part or become co-opted into such a fake uprising... then THE ANC WILL STAGE IT WITH WHATEVER ACTORS THEY CAN BUY/THREATEN/INVENT... and perhaps... Dr Lets Pretorius is doing what he's doing because of the ANC gun to his head.

    These are things we must consider because we live in a political minefield where our enemy controls everything and if they want to make sophisticated moves... with lots of actors... because they have the money and power to do so.

    But in the end... its all just trickery... smoke and mirrors and shows their utter desperation.

    Its not whites who should be having sleepless nights. Its the ANC who are already having sleepless nights. I'm telling you... they fear us more than we fear them. They may outnumber us, but they're peeing in their pants over the thought that some of us may stand up to them. Deep down... they know... even a few of us... pack a hell of a punch - and in a straight fight... they would come off badly.

    I think the ANC is more scared of our possible military strength if we are united... than we should ever be of them - even if they have all the blacks on their side. They want to break us up... before we become too strong. In my opinion, that is the real game here. They want to bust us up now before we become stronger. They want to smack us around and "put us in our place" - while they still can.

    I think white unity is scaring them sh*tless!

    All this trickery and deception - that's their style to catch us off guard - because they know - in a straight fight... out-numbered, out-armed, out-gunned as we are... we could whip their asses. AND AT THE HIGHEST LEVELS OF THE ANC THEY KNOW THIS COULD HAPPEN!! Jan]

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    You must be a raving lunatic to think that a White Revolt in South Africa will be met by anything but an attempted genocidal response.

    Pfft, on jail.

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