Palin Loves Hollywood Swag

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    Funny, after she suggested her non-son in law had gone Hollywood.

    Sarah Palin Reveals Her Love of Hollywood Swag |

    By Bryan Alexander Posted Mar 3rd 2010 08:01PM
    In two days of Hollywood-living, we've seen a whole different Sarah Palin. First, it was the stand-up comic on 'The Tonight Show' Tuesday night. Wednesday brought out Sarah Palin the swag-lover.

    Organizers of the Silver Spoon Gifting Suite tell PopEater they were surprised to see a presidential-style convoy of black sedans pull up to the Interior Illusions store before the swag lounge had officially opened. Among the crowds of departing suits was Sarah Palin herself.

    "Everyone was in awe and sort of surprised that a former vice presidential candidate was at our gifting suite," says Ben Russo of EMC/Bowery the publicist who was on-hand for the visit. "There were jaws on the ground."

    "And she kind of cleaned the place out."

    Generally its stars like Paris Hilton and the cast members of the 'Jersey Shore' who hit the gifting/swag suites and have their picture taken with the free celebrity loot.

    With daughter Willow and grandson Tripp in tow, Palin presented a check donation to the Red Cross for $1,700 and then grabbed some serious goodies. She helped herself to United Hair Care products, jewels from Pascal Mouawad and Skagen watches. But the big stop was for AIAIAI earphones. "She really liked those, she took like 40," says Russo. Christmas presents through 2050?

    Meanwhile, Willow had her hair styled and blown out by Erick Orellana of the Chris McMillan Salon (Jennifer Aniston's pick).

    It wasn't the stuff of presidents, but it was an effective trip the likes of Kim Kardashian would have been proud of. After Palin left, staffers returned with another Red Cross Donation. Then Palin was off in a flash. "She said she was going to a photoshoot, but wouldn't say with whom," says Russo.

    We'll see what the next side of Sarah Palin is soon enough.

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