O'Say, Can U. C., Where The Clunker Money Went?

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    Senate Republican Leader, Mitch, "Who Misses A Lot," McConnel, has come out with a public GOP question of the Cash for Clunkers Program. "We were told this program would last for several months. As it turned out, it ran out of money in a week, prompting the House to rush a $2.0 bil. extenson before anybody even had time to figure out what happened with the first billion."

    Apparently of the opinion that the new cars on the road, replacing the old cars on the road--Are in the same class and category as, "Weapons of Mass Destruction: Then apparently no one can find any of them anywhere.

    The fact that car buyers know about them, that advertisers know about them, that car dealers know about them, that car manufacturers know about them, that local tax collectors all seem to know about them, and that the federal agencies involved--all seem to know about them: Is absolute proof that nobody knows what happened with the first billion, anywhere in the world(?)!

    Regarding the "Stimulus That Worked" as some nature of academic enterprise--wherein the teacher finger-nails all scratch along the halls of ivy, hoping they won't fall further through the cracks--would almost seem as sensible as making home loans to insolvent borrowers.

    There is easily far more verification of where the "Cash For Clunkers" money actually went: Than there is of just how much a DOD contractor toilet seat costs in one plane!

    Fools know where the money went. That's why the stupid program had to be set up in the first place!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken Not Stirred!"
    (And of course, that is as long as we are being polite!)
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