Osama Bin laden has strong base in Pakistan

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    Washington, Jul 21 (PTI) Osama bin Laden, high on the global wanted list, and the al Qaeda have a strong base in Pakistan, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has indicated. "I think there is no doubt about that," Singh said in an interview to CNN on being asked whether in his opinion Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda still have a significant base in Pakistan.

    Asked where, he said the al Qaeda elements were "quite active" in the tribal belt of the Northwest Frontier province. And also, the whole infrastructure of the madrassas in Pakistan, the belief that these can shift away from the teaching of fundamentalism to more modern discipline, has not materialised, he said.

    The Prime Minister said jihadi elements have taken advantage of these religious seminaries and schools in Pakistan and "they can take greater advantage of that phenomenon in the years to come".

    Singh dismissed as "grossly overstated" the possibility of a nuclear exchange between India and Pakistan. "Both our countries are nuclear powers. And, as far as we are concerned, we have an impeccable record of not in any way contributing to proliferation of these nuclear technologies," he said.

    To another question, Singh said he took pride in the fact that although India has 150 million Muslims in the country, "not one has been found to have joined the ranks of al Qaeda or participated in the activities of the Taliban".

    Asked whether he trusts President Pervez Musharraf, Singh said "I do trust. But I think there is an old saying of President (Ronald) Reagan. Trust and verify."

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    No shit Sherlock. Pakistan has been a bin Laden stronghold since the days of the Taliban fighting in Afghanistan. When the U.s. did its sweep after Sept. 11, bin Laden is known to have retreated to Pakistan.

    Oh sure. This is why they threaten each other on an almost weekly basis.
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    It's like he's shrugging as he says that "but what are you gonna do, eh?"

    That's nice, no need to make their own, just buy them. Well la-de-dah.

    Well praise be to Allah, they're all Pakistani!

    Like everything he just said above. :rolleyes:

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