Oiled pelicans, and eggs, along coast

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    BARATARIA BAY, La. - As officials approached to survey the damage the Gulf oil spill caused in coastal marshes, some brown pelicans couldn't fly away Sunday. All they could do was hobble.

    Several pelicans were coated in oil on Barataria Bay off Louisiana, their usually brown and white feathers now jet black. Pelican eggs were glazed with rust-colored gunk, and new hatchlings and nests were also coated with crude.

    It is unclear if the area can even be cleaned, or if the birds can be saved. It is also unknown how much of the Gulf Coast will end up looking the same way because of a well that has spewed untold millions of gallons of oil since an offshore rig exploded more than a month ago.

    "As we talk, a total of more than 65 miles of our shoreline now has been oiled," said Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, who announced new efforts to keep the spill from spreading.

    With oil pushing at least 12 miles into Louisiana's marshes and two major pelican rookeries now coated in crude, state officials said they are taking part of the response to the Gulf of Mexico spill into their own hands

    Oiled pelicans, and eggs, a sign of disaster - Environment- msnbc.com

    the oil is not disappearing.....for all you idiots who said it would...for all you idiots who said this oil is a drop in the bucket....larger spills from mexico had no effect...well look at what is happening now? the marshlands are dying...the birds are dying and you fucking idiots say its nothing....continue to vote for men like paul who thinks holding bp to the fire ...is unamerican....

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