Ohio Senate passes bill to restrict public unions, collective bargaining etc.

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    the bill now goes to the House side ( reps have a double digit majority) and then to The gov.'s desk, who will sign it. Wow, the kicked biding arbitration too...whoa.

    Like sand in the hourglass, so are the days of the unions life...;)

    By ANN SANNER, Associated Press Ann Sanner, Associated Press – 2 hrs 36 mins ago

    COLUMBUS, Ohio – The bargaining rights of public workers in Ohio would be dramatically reduced and strikes would be banned under a bill narrowly passed by the Ohio Senate on Wednesday.

    The GOP-backed measure that would restrict the collective bargaining rights of roughly 350,000 teachers, firefighters, police officers and other public employees squeaked through the state Senate on a 17-16 vote. Six Republicans sided with Democrats against the measure.


    The bill is similar to the Republican-supported collective bargaining bill in the Wisconsin legislature that has sparked national debate in its weakening of public employees' ability to negotiate contracts — although there are differences between the two. Wisconsin's bill exempts police and firefighters from the collective bargaining restrictions, while Ohio's does not.

    The Ohio bill would ban strikes by public workers and establish penalties for those who do participate in walkouts. Unionized workers could negotiate wages, hours and certain work conditions — but not health care, sick time or pension benefits.

    The legislation would also set up a new process to settle worker disputes, giving elected officials the final say in contract disagreements. Binding arbitration, which police officers and firefighters use to resolve contract disputes as an alternative to strikes, would be eliminated.

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    Ohio Senate passes bill to restrict public unions - Yahoo! News

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