Obama's Plane Get's Lost On The Way To A Campaign Stop

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    MUSCATINE, Iowa (AP) — When Democrat Barack Obama's charter plane touched down Tuesday night, aides were surprised a car wasn't waiting to rush him to that night's campaign events.

    Someone stepped onto the tarmac and quickly realized why: They had landed at the wrong airport.

    Instead of going to Cedar Rapids, the plane had touched down about 100 miles to the west in Des Moines.

    Spokesman Tommy Vietor said Wednesday that the mistake on the flight from Chicago made Obama about an hour late for a rally at a community college. While waiting, the crowd took to dancing and chanting.

    The presidential candidate apologized for the delay, simply explaining there had been a mix-up on the way from Chicago.


    :rolleyes: :lol: This guy cant even direct his own airplane and have them land the the right airport and we expect him to run this country? :cuckoo: :shock:
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