Obama Openly Lies About National Deficit at Iowa Campaign Stop

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    The Des Moines Register reported this today from Obama’s traveling economic sideshow:
    Obama defended the health care bill he signed in March, saying neither it, nor the stimulus package nor the automotive industry bailout last year was responsible for the size of the federal deficit to the extent that (Bush) tax cuts were.
    He was challenged by a Des Moines manufacturing company owner, who described allowing expiration of the tax cut for families earning $250,000 or more a year, including small businesses, as “strangling the engine that does create the jobs.”
    “Yeah, there’s a lot of wealth, but it’s trapped in the buildings … inventory and accounts receivable,” David Greenspon, president of Competitive Edge advertising, told Obama.
    Senate Democrats have postponed action on Obama’s proposal until after the Nov. 2 election. House Democratic leaders have suggested members may still vote this week before leaving Washington to campaign.


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