Obama Not Flogging BP Relief Workers(?) "We Be Past All. . . .(Well)

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    So the actual fault of the Obama Administration, in the matter of U.S. Helplessness in stopping the Gulf Spill: Is that Obama needs "Grrr" practice?!

    The famous now HAIC, (Head Anglo In Charge), is not even faulted for running a high-tech operation without any yelling or screaming. It is, however, apparently regarded "empathic" to get the U. S. public to a sense of "madness works," in these kinds of operations.

    The Press knows Corps about where it got schooled(?) in these matters: Tied to the nearest trees at the universities, and whipped until they bled!!

    About half of the U. S. fishing industry employment is in the Gulf, mostly in Louisiana. Those are just the "Boat People(?)," about half of 35,000 total. And so this month, BP is sending another 14,000 checks in the same amount: To the unemployed, because of the spill.

    Nowhere commented is that the economic analysts have failed to make note of the Loss of Payrolls in the June 4 jobs report. Then additional fact of the creation of the new emergency relief jobs has not been "analysized," anywhere in the Ivy League.

    Where is the madness?!?

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Famous MLK, Jr., Civil to a Minimum Wage Pittance, not being analysized either. New snappy dialogue, not analysized either!)
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