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Discussion in 'ObamaCare' started by cereal_killer, Oct 11, 2013.

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    Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the ObamaCare Forums! This forum is to be used for questions, discussions, FAQs, and help regarding the health insurance marketplace and the Affordable Care Act ONLY. Zone 1 rules apply in here, meaning no arguing, bickering, trolling, flaming, insulting, attacking etc. Failure to comply with the guidelines will result in bans and/or infractions. So please respect your fellow members who visit this section to gather and share information on the Affordable Care Act.

    Please remember, this forum is to be used as a place for the exchange of information on ObamaCare/Affordable Care Act ONLY. Questions and discussions regarding policies, premiums, and everything in between is encouraged. This is not the forum to complain and voice ones displeasure with ObamaCare. Please use the Healthcare Forums for complaints and/or rants on ObamaCare.

    Thank you!
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