Obama Back Up In Gallup RV Tracking: Stops LV Tracking Trend To Romney! (Surprise!)

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    Rasmussen has a crass note to its polling. The robo-calls will continue into the storm-ravaged areas despite the state of emergency. The White House actually returned to Washington, D. C. in contrast. Ryan is disappearing even farther from sight, in contrast. Romney is shutting down any current campaign, in contrast.

    The latest Galllup is through October 27, Obama leading among Registered Voters, and not as far behind in the Southern Surge, at Gallup.

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    Consumer Confidence is up during the latest monthly reporting. The President has the October Surprise advantage, in the form yet another natural calamity. Someone has to be in charge. The White House is in charge.


    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Not since White Eyes discovered shiny yellow metal on Sacred Lands of Many Nations: Has their been such a natural disaster(?)!)

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