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    Those of us that opposed the bailout had a serious victory today when it was voted down by the House. However, our problems are not over. None of the root problems that caused this crisis have been fixed, or even addressed. This means that future crises are inevitable.

    The federal government will not curb it's out of control spending, the Fed will not stop printing money, and the government will continue to regulate the market.

    We are currently in two wars and have troops stationed in at least 130 countries. We can no longer afford our empire, our interventionist foreign policy, or our status as world police. None of this makes our nation safer, by invading Iraq we've only emboldened al-Qaeda. We've given Osama bin-Laden substantial grievances he can use to recruit new members to his organization. It's time to give up the "War on Terror," and let Iraq handle their own affairs. We need to end our hostile stance towards Iran, and stop spreading the false propaganda that they're developing nuclear weapons. This is the same type of crap that lead to the invasion of Iraq.

    Federal Reserve:
    The Constitution gives Congress the authority to regulate the currency, not a secretive, un-elected central bank. They are accountable to no one, and they are never audited. This should be an immediate red flag. By printing new money they inflate the currency and devalue the dollar. Not to mention that fiat money cannot be sustained and eventually collapses. Sound money would force them to stop printing new money and force the government to balance it's budget. The founders of our nation knew the dangers of fiat currency because of their dealings with the Continental dollar, that's why they put money backed by gold and silver in the Constitution. The Continental dollar became so inflated that it eventually became useless, sound familiar?

    I urge you to contact your congressman and tell them to support HR 2755, which will abolish the Fed.

    Government Regulation:
    Many people are, foolishly, blaming the free market for the current crisis. They don't seem to realize that we don't abide by the free market, the government throws in it's regulations and the Fed artificially lowers or raises interest rates. Some have even had the nerve to tell those of us that are pro-market to stop listening to the "propaganda." Are you insane? The propaganda is that the economy is going to collapse and that we "need" this bailout. This is absolute nonsense. If the free market were to suddenly be followed, and conditions were much better than they are we would still be headed for a recession. We would have to live within our means for a year, possibly a little more, but eventually the markets would stabilize and we'd enjoy the most prosperous market we've seen in a long time. As it is, there will certainly be more crises like the one we just experienced in the future.

    Hope you enjoyed reading this, but I doubt some of you did.

    Also, this bailout is likely to be up for another vote in the House by the end of the week. If you've been pressuring your congressman or woman, keep it up. They need to know that you do not approve of a bailout in any way shape or form.

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