No, This Isn't an "Anti-Incumbent" Year

Discussion in 'Politics' started by teapartysamurai, May 19, 2010.

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    Read it all here: RealClearPolitics - HorseRaceBlog - No, This Isn't an "Anti-Incumbent" Year

    Laughable liberal water carriers for Obama can post threads saying the polls say people want Democrats in Congress, but the reality on the ground and in the primaries are talking a completely different game.

    The facts are people are fed up with politics as usual in Washington and Obama speaks politics as usual with a decidedly leftwing radical/socialst edge.

    People have had it.

    The press can tell us BS all they want, but they can't make people vote the way they want.

    Watch for the liberal press to spin the crap about voters throwing a tantrum (as they did after election day 1992) when it is really THEM throwing the tantrum, that they have lost their power to sway public opinion.

    This is all fun stuff to watch.


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