No More Colds! (Rangel Is The Charles In Charge!)

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    And so, apparently no more Demerol.

    The Chairmanship of House Ways and Means Committee: Is generally regarded influence enough, even for liberals. That committee writes the tax bills. Charles Rangel, City of New York, (liberal), is the head. . . .of it. He has probably met President Obama.

    The Blue Dog Democrats even include Representative Harman, from The District, (that includes the virtually solidly liberal Venice, CA precincts). They are regarded by some to be fiscally conservative. Rep. Harman likes to get into hissy fights with Rep. Pelosi, also from California. The Blue Dogs are likely as fiscally Conservative as that, or if so--then about as insane.

    What will Rangel Do? A 3% federal income tax surcharge is expected to create $500.0 bil. revenue for the national health plan. What will be the outcome? The little beggars will suddenly be less pandemic-challenged: Than is the case now.

    When the Moslems finally do send in the Black Death, (aka, The Plague): Then insurance companies will be ready for them.

    It is elsewhere, and often, really noted that there in fact is no "health" in insurance. Mainly, in what is called, "fee-for-service:" The entire membership of AMA actually profits from people's sickness. The worse off the people are, then the more money the AMA members actually make. The more doctor visits, surgeries, hospitalizations, tests, stomach pumps, drug intervention, alcohol cessation, and smoking cessation there is: The more money the doctors make--every year.

    In America, The Law is On Their Side!

    But that is noted elsewhere.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (And so may Deity Bless You, Tiny Tim, this year at Christmas--among the other year-end Saturnalia rites--of leaping, naked. . . .well. . . the other ritual venues of our lives! Anyone notices that a Ceasar In Heaven, as opposed to a Ceasaress--does give an edge to the Christian message of Love Eternal, on our planet, even now!)
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