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    I thought it would be interesting for the fans to give a breakdown of each team to identify needs for the draft and free agency. I Invite knowledgeable fans of their team to give an honest break down of their team to give every one else an idea of what they might do. IOW....give your scouting report.

    Hint: in about two weeks I will introduce a mock draft game. Rules will be explained later in another thread but this will help.

    For now...break down your team's off-season situation.

    For the Seattle Seahawks

    Offensive Line
    Dominating center to left tackle. The right side is questionable with last years rookies being unproven due to injury. Great depth is available on the right but starting power depends on whether those players rebound from injury well. Right guard is secure but right tackle is a concern.

    Running Back
    If Lynch resigns (which he should) there are no concerns here at starter or back up. If Lynch resigns this is a power position for the Seahawks.

    One of the youngest and most explosive group of receivers in the NFL. This is a power position for the Seahawks.

    Tight End
    Adept at blocking and receiving. No concerns here.

    This is where the offense lacks. Tavaris Jackson is an excellent backup but in reality no more. He locks onto receivers, refuses to challenge the defense vertically,...blah blah blah....he is the Achilles heel of the Seattle offense. Look for a move on Matt Flynn in free agency or a rookie QB such as Ryan Tannehill in the draft.

    Defensive Tackle
    Unheralded but very powerful...for now. Defensive End plays like a DT which contributes to exceptional run defense.

    Defensive End
    A confusing position for Seattle. They play their DEs on run protection mostly. In essence they are so solid against the run because they play what amounts to three DTs. That means they stuff the run, but the payoff is pass rush. If they acquire a pass rushing DE (which is a priority) it means one less man in run protection and Seattle's dominating run D will suffer. That means the LBs will have to step up or prove they can handle the extra load. Regardless, don't be surprised to see Seattle grab a DE at #12.

    In pass defense they are dominating. They could use some outside blitzing speed on the weak side to compliment or take the place of a true pass rushing DE. The middle is rock solid.

    Trufant is old. He was relegated to nickle situations last year and injury is a problem. Seattle has two very big CBs but they dont have blazing speed. Their size is imposing and they can cover and hit but can be beaten deep. It's not an area of dire need but you can never have too many CBs and guys with great speed will tempt them in the right situation.


    Rock solid. No problems here.

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