New Jobless Claims Fall While Rich Fret About Their Euros And Futures Market Funds

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    The Republicans actually brought a hedge fund manager, into the Congress to testify, today. Anyone has to guess that MF Global was the key to their hopes for a Republican-Led Recovery. Corzine did admit that he has no idea where the money all went.

    Sound, Republican, Management Principles have also been on display in Europe. The EuroBank fuehrer actually had to remind the European Nations, about to assemble, that really: There are actually treaties in place, about these matters.

    The stock market tanked. Obama, in contrast, has been reminding the Middle and Lower income strata that mostly their best chances are with the Democratic Party leadership and agenda.

    Evidence of the efficacy of the Democratic Lubrication, and the Disaster Relief Stimulations--all opposed by the moral high ground, GOP: Was Presented today as a greater than expected drop in new unemployment claims, in the United States. - Initial Jobless Claims

    Republicans seem to forget, especially when on CNBC, that they actually brought this onto themselves!

    Everyone is now all excited. Even Hugh Hefner, may now be getting excited. It is also fun to speculate about Sarah Palin, in these matters. Lady Gaga did her taxes, and became an alcoholic as a consequence.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Great Vision of Many Wild Horney Ponies Do Better national policy economics than all of Ivy League! Hmmmmm!)
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