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    The phrase to dissect is; "Nothing is Impossible". And.......on many levels indeed it is. For to us as relevent as we deem ourselves, our progress and our knowledge of myriad facts and modern data the ability to imagine nothing does not exist.
    There is a blank spot that consists of the inability to not imagine ,(or to remove the two negatives; there is a blank spot that consists of the ability to imagine); both filling the void required to understand "nothing" with something..... A definition.
    To bend syntax further, to name the non existant is to give it substance and catagory it cannot ,as nothing , have.
    Is this really a proof of the existance of God?
    Of course! Since nothing is impossible the inverse, is that something is possible. Does then something exist?
    Those that trumpet the self enervation of inanimate matter say that from a small perturbation in nothing,( obviously you can't perturb nothing, there is nothing to perturb).all that exists, explodes, threatens to fall apart or inspire is a product of this initial ultimate shot in the dark.
    To them, God only needs to be very small to enliven then this massive surround: If not the eternal Nothing of which we cannot dream.
    Is God Nothing? As the atheists insist we come from Nothing, does that not make Nothing our creator?
    But I progress, whether from Something or Nothing we all debate that the universe came from either somewhere ,( is therefore nowhere, somewhere?) or always existed; ergo... Nothing is Impossible. the 'ole perfessor

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