Muslims' Hypocritical Persecution, Torture And Execution of Gays

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    How can Muslim entities persecute, torture and execute gays when their own so-called "prophet" muhammad was married to a 6 year old when in his 50s, which in most civilized cultures constitutes pedophilia and child molestation?

    Homosexuals are worse than pedophiles and child molesters in islam? Clearly, so.

    [ame=]Saudi Cleric: Punishment for Homosexuality is Flogging - YouTube[/ame]

    Ibn Ishaq, The Life of Muhammad...
    Sahih Bukhari Hadeeth [islimic text of conduct of muhammad, second only to the quran in importance, must be emulated by all practicing muslimes]
    Sahih Bukhari Hadith

    [ame=]Mohammed is a Pedophile Movement for Italy Leader Daniela Santanchè on Domenica Cinque 11 08 09 - YouTube[/ame]

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