More Latino News Translated: It's A Riot!!

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    Seeking victims of false documents seller


    By hoylosangeles in Los Angeles and News 5: 25 PM, 26 nov 2010

    [​IMG] <:figcaption class=photo-caption _mstHash="849719">Photo walk | Credit: LAPD

    Jesse j. Linares
    213/2374584/Los Angeles​

    Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) Detective looking for victims of a man that was passed as an employee of the Department of motor vehicles (DMV) to defraud people with the promise of getting licenses driving and Social Security cards.​

    The man, identified by authorities as Julio Alvitres, was arrested late last Sunday in the area of Mid-Wilshire, close to the Olympic Boulevard after an incident involving several scams from the DMV.

    According to authorities, Alvitres, 54 years of age and also known as July Caesar fields focused on defraud immigrant Mexico of Central and South America, asking them whether they were interested in the driver's license from the California State or Social Security cards.

    To do so, telling victims that it was the DMV employee and that he worked in the Office of West Covina. In addition, it showed them a false identification of this Government, entity said authorities.

    Added the two IDs cost was $ 3,000 and up accepted deposits from 500 to 1000 $ with the condition to pay the rest to receive the documentation.

    However, once received the deposit, Alvitres not returning to contact buyers, according to the police party. The authorities requested that victims contacting detective Luis Corona, the 213. 382.9463 to make complaints.


    1. <LI id=li-comment-135 class="comment even thread-even depth-1 c-y2010 c-m11 c-d27 c-h22">[​IMG] Roger
      <:time datetime="2010-11-28T04:53:01+00:00" pubdate>28/11/2010 a las 4:53 am28/11/2010 at 4: 53 am Respond

      I was victim of this scammer when the knowledge is towards call Hover Malca, used the classified notices calling for a service of repair or an estimated then you towards conversation of driver's licenses to then quote you at some lugar(mi_caso_fue_un_mc_donal,s_de_la_alvarado) to then receive the money ($ 800.00) and you quoted within 2 weeks in west covina DMV, the day of the event so outbound on the phone agreed time wasn't inside n i out of the DMV, but cell phone line was suspended.

      <LI id=li-comment-1599 class="comment odd alt thread-odd thread-alt depth-1 c-y2011 c-m01 c-d30 c-h23">[​IMG] Gringo
      <:time datetime="2011-01-31T05:49:34+00:00" pubdate>31/01/2011 a las 5:49 am31/01/2011 at 5: 49 am Respond

      I think it is hilarious that the (illegal) scammers was botched - by one of his own scammers.
      I hope to continue being botched every minute that you stay in my country illegally.
      You asked, you deserve!

      <LI id=li-comment-1792 class="comment even thread-even depth-1 c-y2011 c-m02 c-d10 c-h13">[​IMG] J.J.GARCIA, JR.
      <:time datetime="2011-02-10T19:30:37+00:00" pubdate>10/02/2011 a las 7:30 pm10/02/2011-7: 30 pm Respond


      <LI id=li-comment-1805 class="comment odd alt thread-odd thread-alt depth-1 c-y2011 c-m02 c-d11 c-h06">[​IMG] INGRID LEPHARDT
      <:time datetime="2011-02-11T12:44:01+00:00" pubdate>11/02/2011 a las 12:44 pm11/02/2011 at 12: 44 pm Respond

      I am very friend Henry Lopetegui, I left Los Angeles, CA in 1999 and working at the Los Angeles Times as journalist shows and entertainment, returned has 3 msees and does not work in the newspaper and I can't find, I have
      the suspicion that he went to Texas, someone knows your phone, address, email? quieo find my friend, thanks, Ingrid Louise.

      <LI id=li-comment-1821 class="comment even thread-even depth-1 c-y2011 c-m02 c-d12 c-h04">[​IMG] Adrian
      <:time datetime="2011-02-12T10:45:11+00:00" pubdate>12/02/2011 a las 10:45 am12/02/2011 at 10: 45 am Respond

      not be for you the gringos are United States of america duellos if you inbadieron america you are European binieron to rrobarles to native American lands and seized and stole everything they could rateros are worse than us lands are california Mexico colorado arizona texas are as 8 States that stole to mexico

      <LI id=li-comment-1915 class="comment odd alt thread-odd thread-alt depth-1 c-y2011 c-m02 c-d16 c-h19">[​IMG] Juan alberto
      <:time datetime="2011-02-17T01:54:21+00:00" pubdate>17/02/2011 a las 1:54 am17/02/2011 at 1: 54 am Respond

      Hmmm is something they don't want to see and nio films.

      <LI id=li-comment-2021 class="comment even thread-even depth-1 c-y2011 c-m02 c-d19 c-h08">[​IMG] Miguel Castaneda
      <:time datetime="2011-02-19T14:41:42+00:00" pubdate>19/02/2011 a las 2:41 pm19/02/2011 at 2: 41 pm Respond

      Jaja this Gringo says my country, I think she is insane and have ass pain, this country is mine. So don't tell my Gringo pais, because now you desplase!

    2. [​IMG] Miguel Castaneda
      <:time datetime="2011-02-19T14:45:20+00:00" pubdate>19/02/2011 a las 2:45 pm19/02/2011 at 2: 45 pm Respond

      Consulates also have much guilt, if one request a registration get you more requirements than if solicitaras American citizenship or residence. The Mexico Consulate tacuachis ball Act thrusting, as here, cops seem changos see want to imitate. Injures are Mexicans, they are going to sell the gringos for continue lambiendo them ass!


    I love this stupidity. And you want these idiots as neighbors????

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