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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by American Horse, Jan 14, 2011.

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    As of about January 7 or 8th the autofill function that used to fill in the (outgoing - to/cc/bcc) address lines when composing emails has stopped working.

    I have Windows-7 and using Yahoo for emails. Outlook is not compatible with free Yahoo accounts, so I've never used Outlook as an email editor.

    At the same time my wife has experienced the same problem with her new Windows-7 (she uses Outlook) at work, and there she uses the company's internet provider - it's a real estate firm. Hers worked correctly and quit on the same day as mine.

    The missing function is one where formerlay when we typed in the first letter of an addressed person's "nickname" (name) their full email address and name would appear in the address line.

    I have "restored" my computer back to a time before the defect first appeared, but that didn't help.

    A search on the internet shows huge numbers of people seeking a solution to the same problem.

    The problem, therefore, is not exclusive to either Yahoo, or Outlook.

    Is anyone else here at USMB experiencing this problem, and if so have you resolved it”
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