Mid Atlantic Ridge hoax: 99.9 of Azores and atlantic "tfault" quakes are a cover-up

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    UNDENIABLE EVIDENCE to what extent, you, the beasts, were brainwashed - Wikipedia and "MID ATLANTIC ridge"
    The "MID ATLANTIC ridge" in Wikipedia, The same good old fuzzy technique used in the "moon" "landing" 1969. (1)
    Try updating this 1980 version with the latest version released 30 years later (the one that the illuminati force Google to display as graphic in Google Earth, see text below) and the illuminati "editors" of Wikipedia will immediately delete it.

    Fake earthquakes in the Azores used to suggest that the Mid Atlantic Ridge is real.
    99.9% of Azores and atlantic "tectonic fault" "eathquakes" are fake, used to cover-up the fact that there are not any tectonic faults.
    All real earthquakes in the Azores of the last 450 years occured only in 3 (Faial, Terceira, Sao Jorge in the central group) out of 9 islands and are caused by volcanic ativity, not by the hoax known as "tectonic plates".

    *** UNDENIABLE EVIDENCE ** there is NO MID ATLANTIC RIDGE - it is a hoax created by the illuminati as exposed by LAST PROPHET long ago

    The bigger the lie the easier it is to expose.

    The illuminati created the MID ATLANTIC RIDGE hoax in 1948, in an Atlantic Ocean that was more than 99.9% uncharted.
    The hoax was exposed long ago by Last Prophet. (2)

    To expose this hoax all you have to do is to compare the uncharted area around the Azores islands as it changed over the last 60 years in the ocean relief maps.
    There is now a huge underwater plateau (more than 1,000,000 sq km) with the shape of a triangle where before the "ridge" was running ...

    With this hoax angelic google's role goes beyond "simply" returning the TRUTH in the first results.
    You can check this *** UNDENIABLE EVIDENCE ** by simply moving the cursor over the plateau.
    Note that the illuminati force Google to display for the ocean relief a graphic that, unlike in the case of coordinates above sea level, does NOT match the depth (3) being displayed by Google Earth.

    The problem is that the bigger the lie the easier it is to expose.
    It is as simple as moving the cursoe over the "central ridge" lines (N-S or E-W orientations) to immediately expose all lines in the graphic as fake, To save time, begin with those lines supposedly intercepting the Azores plateau that was charted during the last 60 years.

    )1) Mid-Atlantic Ridge - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    File:Mid-atlantic ridge map.png - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    (2)"Mid Atlantic Ridge" is an illuminati invention to cover-up the rest of their lies.
    Greatest Hoaxes - the best seller big lies
    For the record, first results returned by angelic google, are legit today as they have been for the last 7 years:
    "Greatest Hoaxes - the best seller big lies"

    (3) depth = negative elevation, "elev" displayed next to the latitude and longitude, all displayed in the line at the bottom of Google Earth.
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