McCain's Next Step: Back to the Senate

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    John McCain won't be standing before the American people on January 20 to be sworn in as the next president. Instead, the longtime Arizona senator will be returning to Congress, where it's expected he'll continue to reach across the Senate aisle and remain a powerful voice for the Republican Party.

    "John is someone who has always served his country and he has his entire adult life, and I anticipate that after some time off, well deserved, and some time with his family, well deserved, he'll be back in Washington, rolling up his sleeves and getting back to work," John Weaver, McCain's former top campaign strategist, told

    "This is his last run, obviously, for national political office, but he's still got many years of service ahead of him," Weaver said.

    Weaver said he thinks McCain will be a positive voice for Republicans who will find themselves in the minority in both the House and Senate when Congress convenes in January.

    "John McCain will be John McCain. I think he'll continue to be a maverick in the Senate. He'll continue to be a voice of leadership and a voice of opposition to the coming administration. And his voice will carry a great deal of weight for both the party and the country," said Michael Steele, former lieutenant governor of Maryland and chairman of GOPAC, a conservative political organization.

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