May ties bound with blood last forever

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    A while ago the US Board on Geographic Names marked Dokdo as disputed territory and many Koreans were upset at the matter.

    I did not know how to inform the world on Dokdo clearly being Korean land but being treated as a disputed region.

    I can't express how grateful I am learning of president Bush's decision to revise marking of Dokdo as Korean territory instead of a disputed one.

    We Koreans have not forgotten the blood spilt by Americans back in the Korean War and we still love and trust the U.S..

    I wish to express my gratitude to American citizens who have helped prove the fact that Dokdo is Korean territory.

    We have reconfirmed that if there is one partner we can trust, it's our eternal ally America.

    I send my thanks to American citizens once again who have helped international community to realize that Dokdo, where our hopes and dreams lie, belongs to Korea.

    We wish America eternal growth.

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