Matt Lewis on CNN, Columnist for Daily Beast speaks the truth

Discussion in 'USMB Breaking News' started by shockedcanadian, Aug 8, 2017.

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    One of the analysts on the panel stated that Trump harmed himself by speaking so aggressively after a big victory with Russia and China agreeing to sanctions. Matt stated it as I would have, stated the fact that obviously there has been a big development with N Korea now very close to if not already able to launch a nuke.

    He said Trump acting this way also suggests that as we all know he is unpredictable and China cannot be too sure that Trump won't just go into N Korea tomorrow. He made a very important point when others suggested he should be more "presidential", "there have been three prior presidents that were presidential and look where we are now. We have always stated we are not willing to live with North Korea having nukes".

    He already dropped heavy bombs on Afghanistan and Syria without warning, so, as much as I believe any war with N Korea needs to be a broader coalition, there is still that factor that Trump brings to the table that no other president brings, you don't know what he will do or how he will do it. You don't know if he is bluffing or speaking directly about what is in store. This is worse for his adversaries than him being totally consistent.

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