Man or Mother Nature: Who to Fear Most?

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    Which to Fear More: Man or Nature?
    By Lenore Skenazy, New York Daily News
    September 11, 2005

    One of the many disturbing aspects of the Gulf Coast disaster is the way everyone has been repeating this one phrase: A devastating hurricane hit was never a question of "if," they say, but "when."

    It is the same wording people use when they talk about another terrorist attack on my city, New York. For the last four years, an "if, not when" at the hand of man has haunted most New Yorkers' scariest daydreams. The London bombings turned up the volume. So does an anniversary like today.

    But as we see the bodies in New Orleans and feel for the families there, it's obvious that Mother Nature harbors a wrath at least as terrible as Osama bin Laden's. And guess what? "A 'cane could drown N.Y.C.," a headline in the New York Daily News announced on Thursday. Said the story, "New York is a coastal city in a vulnerable spot."

    Vulnerable again? It's enough to make a mere mortal wonder which to fear more, man or nature. And it is hardly reassuring to hear the answer: Humans are gaining the deadly edge.

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