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    Test them all, hold fast to what is fine
    1 Thess 5;21

    Newt panders to the illiterate. When he say Obama is the food stamp president, he is fully aware that Bush had put over 14 million Americans on food stamps and rising because of his policies. That afro-Americans are lazy and would rather collect food stamps than have a job. And he know his followers will not search out the fact on their own so he keep saying it. The illiterate like to have their “ears tickled.” They listen to FoxNews and Rush and take their words as fact and don’t bother to search out for them selves. When he tells them that to be asked about our infidelities, cheating our your wives, moral do not matter. At the same he was asking for Clintons resignation, he was banging Callista and cheating on his wife. In Leviticus ,cheating on your wife was deserving of death by stoning. Not advocating stoning of Callista and Newt, but just pointing out the seriousness of adultery according to GOD. I don’t know if what Clinton did was considered adultery. Newt say he has asked GOD for forgiveness but knowing GOD he is a forgiving GOD but he does exact punishment. Although the forgave David, he still punished him by taking away his child.
    Romney cannot escape Nephi 5;23 because it has not been removed from the Book of Mormons.

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