Lufthansa makes house delivery of rockets

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    from the German Handelsblatt:(an economics newspaper)

    translated parts of the article

    Missiles found in Lufthansa depot
    In a Lufthansa hangar in Caracas, Venezuela,five air to air missiles
    have been confiscated. They were destined to be delived to Israel
    it seems.

    This is reported by the media in the Venezuelan capital based on information for the prosecuting authorities. The missiles supposely came form Colombia.
    They were first detected when one of the missiles that should be delived
    by a normal passenger plane to Israel.

    Lufthansa Caracas stated it cooperates with the authorities.
    On Tuesday Lufhansa then denied the accusations. (denied they tried
    to deliver missiles)


    The secured parts, according to prosecuting authorities arem missiles
    for the use with Mirage or F16 fighters. They belonged to the Arsenal
    of the Colombian army.

    Past 9/11 it has gotten harder for the CIA to fascilitate these
    secret operations :rolleyes:

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