Love Song for Bush

Discussion in 'Music' started by SeeksTruth, Jan 22, 2004.


Pro-Bush song on CD

  1. Put song on CD and don't be afraid of Hollywood opinions - after all, they love freedom of speech

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  2. Put song on CD at the end and don't list on CD credits so no one gets offended too badly

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  3. Forget it - career suicide - don't go anywhere near a pro-Bush song in Hollywood

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  1. SeeksTruth

    SeeksTruth Guest

    I'm a closet conservative in Hollywood (I guess not anymore... lol) - just wrote and recorded a song encouraging President Bush and comparing our times to the Romans just before they fell -- I HATE debate when it becomes HATE -- am I so bad? I'm afraid of losing work... but aren't we about free speech - seeking comments on this.

    The song in question is: - under "downloads" - 1st song...

    what do YOU think... or are we bound that "controversy in entertainment" is just when it's the left side of the mouth? I looove my lib friends, but am i allowed to use my talent for my freedom of speech??? I'll probably have to put it as a 'hidden track' at the end of CD as i am probably the most persecuted species out here in LA LA land...

  2. Dan

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    Aug 28, 2003
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    I say hell yeah put it on. The job of a good artist, musical or otherwise, is to present his point of view, his voice, in an honest way, no matter the consequences. I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet, though, sorry!
  3. SeeksTruth

    SeeksTruth Guest

    Looks like after much thrashing and playing the song in question, accidentally at a very "liberal" music party.. the song will go in the main part of my album... thanx for all your comments here and other places - i took the piece down, but it will be back up in the next week or two after mastering....


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